Customer Testimonials


"I have known Olan for more than 20 years. Over that time, I have worked with him on several projects and have recommended him as a speaker at Precision Ag Conferences.  Olan is one of the few consultants who has developed and stuck with precision ag technology and made it work for his producers.  He is a leader among consultants in managing crop irrigation and fertility management.  Crop profitability drives his advice to clients as indicated by his investment in collecting deep-soil profile nitrogen for fertilizer recommendation, VERIS mapping, and most recently hosting a two-day planter clinic with experts for his clientele.  Olan routinely conducts numerous studies on farmer fields to further increase his knowledge base in order to make the best recommendations possible.  He is always happy to share his study results with others, and I have personally used his results in presentations to larger groups of producers in meetings around the Texas South Plains and Panhandle."   
- Brent Bean, PhD, Agonomist, Texas Agri-Life, Amarillo, TX

"Typically, the most unknown information in crop irrigation is current soil water/moisture.  Sensors stragetically placed to 1, 2, 3 feet, and more if desired, in the root zone and read two to three times weekly during the full growing season can lead to improved water management, conservation and crop production efficiency.  Timely soil moisture linfomation/levels will be even more essential as available water is less and less each year. High Plains Co0nsulting has successfully utilized soil moisture sensors in guiding their clients irrigation and crop production since estabished in the 70's"
- Leon New, PhD., Irrigation Specialist, TAEX, (Retired) Amarillo, TX


 “Olan is pulling us ‘kicking and screaming’ into the world of prescription/precision agriculture.  Bittersweet.  We realize we need to be there, with production costs increasing and water becoming scarce.  He is leading us through that ‘learning curve’.  His service has resulted in significant savings, both in irrigation expense and pesticide applications, while continuing to help us improve our yields.  Olan asked me several years ago how much longer I would continue to farm . . . my response was, ‘When you stop checking our crops, then I’m going to stop farming.’”
– Kevin Riley, 6R Land Co., Springlake, Texas  

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