Fertilizer Recommendations:
Sampling (soil and plant tissue) 3-4’ Soil samples for deep nitrate/sulfate sulfur. Complete in 1’ and 2’
Fertilizer recommendations
In season tissue samples on crops to adjust NO3- & micro nutrient fertilization

Irrigation Scheduling:
Soil moisture sensors installed - Delmhorst GB-1 Sensors
Placed @ 1, 2, & 3 ft.
Read 2 X/week
Graphed weekly
Irrigation recommendations

Herbicide Recommendations:
Weeds mapped
Identified to species

Insecticide Recommendations:
Fields sampled 2X/week for insects and/or mites
Recommendations based upon indexed economic thresholds
Fields checked after application to insure adequate control

Field Mapping
Fields mapped - GPS/GIS Farmworks
Accurate to 0.1 acre
Record Keeping

Pix/PGR recommendations
Harvest aide (Prep) recommendations
Heat unit data provided
Complete Tissue Analysis @ early square
Petiole NPK weekly from early Bloom to late boll fill

Nematode Sampling:
Zones derived from Aerial Images/Yield Maps/EC Maps sampled for Nematodes
Samples sent to NemaTest/Nebraska for analyses

Plant Population/Stand Counts
Plant Spacing/row
Standard Deviation of Plant Spacing
Seed Depth/row

Prescription Agriculture:
VERIS - Electrical Conductivity Maps - 0-12" & 0-36" Depths
EC/Soil Type
Depth of Soil Layer
Zone Sampling – from our aerial infra-red images, or from your yield maps, or both.
Variable Rate fertility recommendations
Variable Rate Planting Maps
Variable Rate Irrigation Maps
Digital Remote Sensing - 12 Band MCA Tetracam
Indices: NDVI, GNDVI, etc., depicting areas of high vigor/low vigor/stress
Analysis of digital images
Water stress
Center pivot pattern problems
Insect and/or mite stress
Weed pressure
Nematode infestations
Geo-Referenced Maps that can be imported into your GIS Software

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