Welcome to the corporate website of High Plains Consulting, Inc.  Our company is your 
number one source for professional service. We surpass the competition, in not only 
price, but value as well. 

We have been in the business of Agricultural Consulting for the past thirty-five years.  We are continually pushing our clients to test the edge of that envelope.  Aerial infra-red remote sensing has been an incremental part of the services that our firm has provided for the past twenty-five years.  We made the move to digital infra-red imagery about ten years ago, as the need for more precision in agriculture grew.  

As the appetite for more precise measures in Agriculture increased, we found ourselves adapting our seasonal practices in anticipation of our clients needs. These technological moves have been in the area of  1) state of the art hyper-spectral infra-red cameras,  2) VERIS equipment used to acquire electrical conductivity soil maps and soil profile maps,  3) Giddings hydraulic soil probes that allow us to take soil samples, quickly, to four feet, and 4)  GIS Software that allows us to merge data from the above mentioned devices into management zones within each field.  It is within each management zone that we take multiple tissue/soil samples, at critical growth stages for each crop.

The pieces of that ever illusive puzzle are slowly falling into place . . .

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